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A journey filled with hope and God’s grace : Ernest Richards’ latest-‘Neeré’

Ernest Richards likes to let the light inside him shine brighter than the lights on him. Born and based in Chennai, this solo artist defines his story as one filled with grace. 29 years old, he has been making music since 2004. He is an independent artist, music producer, singer/songwriter in English and Tamil, music educator, and an established Biblical scholar. As a keyboardist and multi-genre musician, he has also undertaken session work internationally. John Mayer, 80s and 90s rock ballads, punk rock, and Snarky Puppy include some of his influences as a musician.

His latest release ‘Neeré’ speaks of his life journey so far - a journey that is “filled with hope and god’s grace.” The song’s conception goes back to 2015 when he began writing it. According to Richards, it continuously kept evolving until he knew the song was complete, which was when he decided to record and release it. This said journey the song attempts to paint a picture of is not just done through lyrics, but through the way, the track has been arranged as well. His journey as a musician so far has fit into the song, sonically personifying his musical experiences and the maturity that he has attained over the years. The hybrid pop song took about a week for Richards to finish. The music was recorded at the artist’s home studio while the vocals were recorded at his friend’s place.‘Neeré’ hopes to encourage the people who listen to it and we are sure it will succeed in doing so.

Ernest Richard’s body of work as a musician and an artist enables him to possess a unique musical perspective and vocabulary. He aims to reshape the singer/songwriter landscape in the future. He believes that it needs a healthy balance of musical and lyrical complexity and fine-textured artistry and we are sure he will make it possible.

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