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An antidote for the heartbroken: Luv and Radhika’s latest release ‘A Calendar to get by’

Born and based in Pune, 28-year-old Luv Mahtani believes that inspiration is for amateurs and that the rest just show up for work. Teaching how to pluck the strings of the ukulele for a living, he started doing the same as well as performing in 2018. He organises community music events, and performs, writes and records music to keep progressing in his music journey. Some of his influences as an artist are jazz, 60’s soul, late 90’s pop and 2000’s RnB. The artist’s dream collaborations include Nilda Siddiqui and Krishna K.

Radhika Mohite, also born and based in Pune met Luv in 2018, connecting over their love for ukulele and pop music. She is a singer-songwriter with a penchant for music, who is also the founding member of the indie band ‘Feathers in Space.’ For the 26-year-old artist, “music is a way to understand life and make sense of the little things.”

These two amazing artists came together recently to give us their beautiful, latest song ‘A Calendar to get by.’ The singer who’s live performance video went viral on Instagram reels talks about the journey of dealing with heartbreak. Time stands still when you break up with someone you loved. The clock ticking ever so slowly, melancholy becomes your constant friend. “The harmonic landscape lends a hand for anyone who’s struggling to come to terms with their reality,” says the duo, while talking about their song.

Released on the 3rd of February, it took around 2-3 months for them to record. Written and composed by Radhika and Luv, ‘A Calendar to get by was produced, mixed and mastered by Ronak Runwal and Ajay Majethia. It was recorded at Gray Park Audio in Pune and hopes to be a beacon of hope for all the heartbroken people out there.

The artists are currently working on future projects and releasing more music this year, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us!

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