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Calm amidst the chaos: Solaris’ latest song ‘Shining Diamonds’

If there is a word that would define Solaris’ story accurately, it would be ‘focus.’ The 23-year-old artist was born and raised in Kolkata. He has been a rapper ever since he can remember and feels empowered now that he also knows how to produce his own music. The artist started producing music in 2018 and ever since then, he has only been grinding and hustling to get somewhere, “to be seen, to be heard, to be loved.” Some of his popular hits include ‘Metrohood,’ ‘Soul Drill,’ and ‘Urban Poison.' He has around 27.5k listeners on Spotify. An artist who is crazy about synths, some of the artists he would like to collaborate with include ‘Divine’ from the Indian Scene with Kanye being his dream international collab.

‘Shining Diamonds,’ his latest hip-hop track is a vibe where you, as a listener can relax despite the song’s quick flow. When asked to share a fun detail about the song, he said “So I sampled Rihanna’s line, maybe a couple of seconds long, from one of her most popular tracks “Diamonds” and tried releasing it on digital streaming platforms but it got copyright strike, my first ever.”

It was released on the 27th of August and the beat was made in just four hours. The track, however, took 2 days for Solaris to record and was recorded at his home studio. The artwork too was made by the artist himself. The video was made by Sankalpa Pai.

Solaris speaks of himself as “just a dude who wants to make good music and reach people with the same interests.” He aims to build a self-sustaining community for the culture and we at Savaal are sure he will achieve that very soon.

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