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Deep Desai: The Composer behind the Gujarati Indie Pop Hit, Saajna!

Butterflies in the belly, confessing your love to someone, and expressing the matters of your heart - that's what Deep Desai's latest release, Saajna, is all about. The young composer has taken the Gujarati music scene by storm with his debut indie pop track that encourages listeners to express their emotions fearlessly.

Saajna is a delightful blend of Medha Antani's heartwarming lyrics, Deval Panchal's soulful voice, Siddhant Mishra's groovy beats, and Hersh Desai's excellent mixing skills. The song came to fruition after roughly a month of dedicated effort and is set to release on February 12, 2023.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, the 24-year-old Deep Desai was a middle-class kid who struggled to find his calling until he discovered music. He started singing in the 12th grade and soon became a part of a band that won competitions and played shows. However, it was the process of arranging songs and creating melodies that caught his fancy.

Saajna is the result of Desai's passion for music, his attention to detail, and his ability to break stereotypes. The composer's favorite quote says it all - he is all about breaking stereotypes. The song is his way of challenging the status quo in the Gujarati music scene, which is mostly dominated by Dhollywood and Garba.

Desai composed the melody for Saajna first and then approached lyricist Medha Antani with a brief about what the song was telling him. Once the lyrics were completed, Deval Panchal's vocals were recorded in the studio, and Siddhant Mishra came on board for the production. Finally, Hersh Desai's mixing skills added the finishing touch.

The artwork for Saajna is an image clicked by Madanmohan Mukherjee and then further created by Young Homie Productions. Deep Desai's morning routine includes a 2-hour basic morning riaz after brushing his teeth and bathing. His favorite color is black, and if he could collaborate with anyone, it would be Bruno Mars and Arijit Singh.

Deep Desai's story in one word is an underdog, someone who started with nothing and is now making his mark in the music industry. Saajna is just the beginning for this young composer, who has already scored BGM and produced songs for short films and other projects. He hopes to create music that resonates with people and brings joy to their lives.

Deep Desai's Saajna is a song that speaks to the heart and soul of its listeners, encouraging them to express themselves fearlessly. With his debut indie pop track, the composer has established himself as one of the most promising talents in the Gujarati music scene.

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