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Discovering the Magic of Love through Bazzotorous' Latest EP "Kahaniyan"

Yash Patel aka Bazzotorous, the electrifying music composer and producer, has once again set the bar high with his latest release "Kahaniyan". The EP, which was released on 28/01/23, is a series of four tracks that paint a love story with its magical moments. The album's electronic pop genre, combined with the soulful voices of Varinder, Theharity, Sejzz and Aditya Pandit, has managed to capture the hearts of many listeners.

Yash, who is about to turn 27 on March 12th, has been a musician for the past 5 years, after leaving his corporate life to pursue his passion for music. He is based in Ahmedabad, where he was born and raised. With his innovative mind, Yash also designed the artwork for the EP, which is a photo from his Goa trip. The calm and soothing vibe of the album is reflected in the water elements added to the minimal design.

It took Yash and his team around 2 months to develop the idea for the album, with "Tere Sath Baatein" being the fastest song to be made from scratch. The track, which was penned by Varinder in just a day, was ready in a week and took another week to be mastered by Shashank Shinde, the mastering engineer. The song is not only the fastest but also the most likable track from the EP, with Yash making his singing debut with the high vocal harmonies.

Yash's music is influenced by Melodic Dubstep and Deep House music, with a touch of Hindi language. He has been inspired by Mitraz, who is dominating the Indie Music scene, but Yash has presented the vibe in his unique way. When asked about his favorite quote, Yash said "Think Globally act Locally" and "Stay Rooted" is a rephrase for not getting swayed by success.

The EP was recorded at Legato Labz, a professional studio setup, and "Lagda Nahi" was recorded at Yash's home studio setup. Yash prefers YouTube over Spotify as he believes that a large mass of audiences still prefer visual presentations.

Yash's journey as a musician began when he was a young boy with a passion for making people listen to his music. He took technical training from KM Conservatory by AR Rahman and met Theharity there. He is fond of the electric guitar and cannot do without beaches, long drives, internet, movies and of course music. His morning routine is to rush to start the day's work, and he starts his music by noon, having a scratch ready to pitch to singers or collaborators by night.

If given a chance, he would love to collaborate with Mitraz from India and hasn't given a thought to collaborating with a foreign artist yet. With his passion for music and trust in himself, Yash's story is juicy and full of life.

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