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Embark on a Musical Romance: Bazzotorous Presents 'Kehna Chahun' - Their Latest Melodic Release

If you're in search of captivating tunes that will whisk you away to a world of romance and musical wonder, then look no further than Bazzotorous, the brainchild of the talented Yash Patel. Under this pseudonym, Yash Patel has been creating mesmerizing R&B and Electro Pop music since 2015, and his latest release, "Kehna Chahun," featuring the incredible vocalist Raavya, is a testament to his musical prowess.

"Kehna Chahun" is a track that has been in the making for four long years. Originally started with a completely different arrangement and production, Yash and Raavya decided to drop it because it didn't quite resonate with them. However, the core composition was too good to let go, and in 2023, Yash reworked the entire arrangement. With Raavya's beautiful improvisations and soulful vocals, the final product was born. "Kehna Chahun" is an expression of unspoken love and desire, a heartfelt message to that special someone in your life.

The journey of Bazzotorous began in 2015 when Yash Patel embarked on his musical expedition. Starting with remixing Bollywood songs, he gradually transitioned to creating original compositions. In 2018, he honed his skills further by pursuing Sound Engineering at the renowned "KM Conservatory" under the guidance of none other than the legendary AR Rahman. In 2021, Yash ventured into the Gujarati Movie Industry while simultaneously releasing his original music. Currently based in the UK, Yash Patel is making waves with his unique sound.

The creation of "Kehna Chahun" was not without its challenges. It took countless vocal takes, approximately 40 to 50, before Yash and Raavya achieved the desired perfection. Their commitment to delivering an exceptional auditory experience paid off, resulting in a track that resonates deeply with the listeners.

Born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Yash Patel now finds himself situated in Bournemouth, UK. Apart from his musical talents, Yash also possesses a keen eye for design and crafts his own album artworks. Each artwork serves as a visual representation of his music, conveying his story in the most relatable way.

Yash Patel draws inspiration from talented artists such as Abdul Hannan, Ali Sethi, and Mitraz. Their unique styles and melodies have left an indelible mark on his musical journey. With a favorite quote that resonates deeply with his artistic vision, "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value," Yash Patel aspires to create music that touches hearts and adds value to people's lives.

The recording of "Kehna Chahun" took place in Chandigarh, under the expert guidance of Raavya, while the additional mixing and mastering were done in Pune by the skilled Shashank Shinde. The collaboration between these talented individuals brought forth a track that captivates the senses.

Having already achieved a significant milestone by performing a 15-minute set of his EP "Kahaniyan" in a food festival with an audience of over 250, Yash Patel continues to amaze audiences with his captivating live performances. His dedication to his craft and unwavering passion are evident in each note he plays.

Looking to the future, Yash Patel expresses his desire to collaborate with artists such as Furkan Sert or Serhat Durmus. Their unique vibes and musical styles align perfectly with his artistic vision.

So, if you're ready to embark on a romantic journey through the melodious landscapes created by Bazzotorous, tune in to "Kehna Chahun" and let the enchantment unfold. Yash Patel's music will undoubtedly leave you craving more as he continues to craft musical stories that touch the deepest recesses of the heart.

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