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KAPOW!’s latest release – “Always Meant To Be” on 21st-century long distance relationships

A band that first ventured out to learn, experience, and create awareness about drag culture in India in 2018, KAPOW! became the first Indian band to perform in drag. Based in Delhi, they released their debut eponymous album in 2020 with 6 tracks. They have been featured in Rolling Stone India, Seasons New York, Times of India, and also have merited mentions on radio, television, and other media platforms around the world. Their single “Sab Sunliya,” which is also their only Hindi song in their catalog, is their most streamed track. Along with their streaming services, they give live performances of their originals in their trademark swashbuckling pajamas and flamboyant energy while playing tribute to Queen and Bruno Mars.

“Always Meant To Be,” KAPOW!’s fourth release is the brainchild of long-time college friends Pratyaksh and the band’s lead vocalist Mayank Mittal. Released on 21st June 2022, the song was adopted by KAPOW! with the introduction of Sana Arora as the female lead. Recorded at Ferris Wheel Studios, it is a powerful emotional ballad that captures the story of 21st-century long-distance relationships trying to overcome their challenges. When asked to talk about an interesting detail about the recording process, the band described it as a “fun experiment” that got each one of the band members out of their comfort zones. They also described the song as being more emotional than musically challenging. This got them on their toes to do it well. “We mixed it at Ferris and that was a long night and we got up from our seats at 3 AM in the morning knowing it’ll resonate with people,” the band adds.

The song aims to give its listeners “a sense of hope in their own difficult times in the journey of life and in love." The two brilliant featuring artists have performed this song about growth, learning, and acceptance so that one day, people look back and realise that it was always meant to be.

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