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Nurav | Artist Spotlight

Kolkata based producer, Varun Shankar Tiwari Aka Nurav is an EDM Producer and DJ. He started his musical journey as a lyricist back in 2016 but when we was introduced to EDM he felt it hit him pretty hard and instantly felt connected to the genre and the lifestyle. Since then he started learning music production and on 3rd September 2018 he found his music style and came up with the stage name Nurav.

Nurav's latest single “Pain feat. Jhallih” which released on 28th September is his 1st dance pop track ever. “Pain” portrays the story of a person who has lost trust & faith in love. It expresses how it changes a person, how it makes hard for someone to get back to normal. how love can break you, and can leave scars which cannot be abolished. People keep all of the pain within themselves because once the love is gone you procure negativity. "Pain grips your soul, it burns you" says Varun.

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