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Origin | Album Overview

"Origin" is Mission:Recovery's first attempt at a full-fledged record, the album is an experimental taste at hip-hop with a wide range of songs talking about being an undefined artist, failed relationships, duality, fearing being an outcast, alcohol addiction, a sweet tribute to the person who made him what he is and more. This album is composed of 12 tracks each expressing a different emotion of how MNR felt while writing this album. He's used a few different styles to express what he feels in this concept-oriented album. Using music layered with Rap, Narration, Singing and Screams he was able to pull out every emotion he had to get it out into the album.

This album being very personal to MNR, is a tribute album to his late friend Sam and has added parts of his personal life into the album as you can hear towards the end of third song "Perspective (You wouldn't even recognize me)", hes included a voice call with sam from when he got the guitar solo for the fourth song "Voices (Let it Out)". You can feel the bond they shared by how well they could infuse their music and styles with one another. Sam influenced Vishal to write music and Vishal felt that making this album was something he had to do as the right tribute to his friend.

Showing a heavier side of the album MNR has used distorted guitar riffs and screaming in songs like "Run away" and "Voices (Let it Out)" to portray all his frustration and anger that has built up within him. In contrast to that, "Wish I knew" was a softer, melodic approach, where MNR brings in Suhasini, a pop/folk singer who builds the weight on the track, from the start. Throughout the album MNR Raps of the issues he faces with personally from an emotional standpoint and hopes for everyone who listen to his music understand the importance of being strong through difficult times.

Origin ends in the same style as it begins. Narrations leading you to a wide range of sonical elements and back to its roots, and his last track Hold Steady is the downpour of all the emotions that MNR felt all at once as he gives his ending narration leaving us all in tears.

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