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2RAA | Artist Spotlight

Hemant Sarthi known as 2RAA is a rapper from the small village of Badadarha, Janjgir Champa Dist In Chhattisgarh. Born in a Village with lesser than 500 families he is the one to stand out and take into Rap where it would seem impossible.

2RAA makes music in Chhattisgarhi and Hindi. He speaks about staying away from addictions and being focused on your goals. His single 'Aarzoo' is an off song in which he speaks about his own experiences with someone he once loved.

He started writing poetry during his school days and back in 2017 he transformed his medium to Rap. His first Rap is an unreleased track that he recorded in 2017 after which he has released a few singles but has kept that song for the right time of release.

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