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Prady J's 'Aati Jaati Aankhen': A Musical Journey from Bombay to London

The global music scene is always in search of fresh talent, and it seems they've struck gold with Prady J, the Indian musician, banker, and chemical engineer. Prady J has been quietly brewing musical storms, and now he's back with his second single, 'Aati Jaati Aankhen.' The captivating track was born in the legendary Camden Studios in London and brought to life through a mesmerizing video shot in the picturesque landscapes of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Bombay, Prady J's journey through music began during his college years when he, along with his band Eklipze, serenaded audiences across India. Now, he calls London home, where he's been fine-tuning his musical prowess in the studios of Camden. Collaborating with the talented Spanish producer and engineer, Julio, 'Aati Jaati Aankhen' draws inspiration from the iconic Kishore Kumar song, 'Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si.' Prady J, however, adds his unique twist, infusing the arrangement with a moody and mysterious allure.

The Excitement surrounding 'Aati Jaati Aankhen' is undeniable. Prady J, in the lead-up to the release, tantalized fans with a series of teaser videos. These teasers quickly gained traction, amassing over 4.4k views within a mere 48 hours. It's safe to say that the anticipation for this single is reaching a fever pitch.

For the official music video, Prady J transcended borders. He joined creative forces with Irish video director and producer Loraa White, capturing the visual essence of 'Aati Jaati Aankhen' amidst the scenic beauty of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The video stars the talented British actor, Will Jordan, and the Irish model, Maksuda Akhter, both of whom add an extra layer of charisma to the production. A delightful concoction of diverse influences and cultures, the music video is a treat for the senses, leaving fans and viewers eagerly awaiting its release.

Prady J's mission extends beyond making music; he's on a quest to shine a spotlight on original music within the Indian music scene. Last year, he unveiled 'Naina Tere,' a single that garnered accolades from fans and industry insiders alike. With a repertoire of professionally crafted music videos and singles under his belt, Prady J is set to make waves not only within India but on a global scale. His music, relatable and distinctive, promises to be the refreshing note the music world has been waiting for. 'Aati Jaati Aankhen' is proof that Prady J's creative journey is one filled with promise and potential, and it's a journey we can't wait to witness in its entirety.

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