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AB Mike speaks of his turning point in "20Seventeen" feat. Catchy

Born in Ajmer, Abhimanyu Singh Gehlot aka AB Mike always had a keen interest in performing on stage since a young age, be it at functions at school or during his college life, where he got multiple opportunities to showcase his talent. He later moved to Delhi and his inclination towards music made him join Songdew, which was only ideal for him to get deeper involved with the music scene. After gaining a lot of experience and interacting with more than 500 artists he deepened his understanding of music and developed his own style. His Latest release "20Seventeen" marks the start of a new, significant chapter in his life.

His debut track "20seventeen" was released on 8th April 2021, and is an amalgamation of LoFi, Hip-Hop and Pop. An English-Hindi mashup based on real-life experiences of how tough days shape one's life and push them toward success. The song features Catchy on production and the hook of the track. When we asked him about the track he told us "So, one of the funniest thing was the way Catchy came up with the hook of the track, we both were thinking about the track with such intensity that it came to a point where we were just blank and then it hit Catchy that " Khaali khaali baithey bas soch rahey hain hum" and boom we got the hook and now on the hindsight we laugh whenever this topic comes up."

The artwork is made by Pooja Naik who is one of the most underrated and talented animators currently out there in the industry, according to AB Mike. It is said to be a mirror image of what the track is all about. Pooja added "This particular composition speaks about the buffer time one takes to create a piece and tried to speak of the feeling that the hook of the song "Khali khali baitha meh tho sooch ta raha" brings out."

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