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Anubhav Silas | Artist Spotlight

Anubhav Silas is a Multi-Instrumentalist based in New Delhi, India. He finds music to be the best outlet for pouring out his feelings, emotions and reactions. His music is an amalgamation of the language of his heart and the technical intricacies of genres like djent, ambidjent and progressive rock, through which it is expressed beatifully. Anubhav is an Independent artist that records with his brother Ankit Silas at Triquetra studios.

Anubhav is a professional musician with over 5 years of experience. He has a hold over a variety of music styles, including metal, pop, jazz, blues, other Western and Indian genres. He possesses holistic knowledge of bass, keyboard, beatboxing and drums while specializing in guitar. Passionate about creating music and edifying the audience with his new musical encounters. He have recently released his debut single " PSALM 24".

"Psalm 24" is Anubhav's first original composition and is a musical ekphrasis of the same chapter from the Bible. It is a representation of his feelings and emotions, towards the different verses of the chapter. Psalm 24 is a chapter that is very near and dear to his heart and is an expression of what he felt while reading it as he turned it into an instrumental representation, he personally believes that music expresses where words fail. Hence, here's a speechless piece that expresses him through beautifully written riffs and licks in the style of Djent.

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