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Anurag Gogoi's Sonic Tapestry: Unraveling the Mystique of 'Starry Night'

In the vibrant world of music, where every note is a brushstroke on the canvas of emotions, Anurag Gogoi stands as a beacon of innovation. This Guwahati-born artist, at the tender age of 21, is making waves in the global music scene with his ambient rock/metal, experimental tunes.

At the heart of his recent release, "Starry Night," lies a mesmerizing narrative inspired by fireflies. Anurag's composition weaves a dreamy tapestry, exploring the beauty of these tiny creatures and shedding light on the dark reasons behind their mysterious disappearance. What makes this musical journey even more enchanting is the collaboration with the U.S. audio software giant, GetGood Drums, a sponsorship that elevates the sonic landscape of Anurag's creations.

Reflecting on his musical evolution, Anurag shares his background, immersed in a household where melodies resonated through his father's musical pursuits. However, it wasn't until 2017 that he embarked on his own musical journey, delving into production and completing a diploma course in Audio Production.

Anurag's debut single, "Coral Gloom," served as a catalyst, propelling him into the limelight with radio interviews and articles. Beyond the accolades, his music became a powerful medium to raise awareness about environmental issues. His passion for both music and environmental advocacy intertwines seamlessly, creating a unique narrative in every composition.

In the realm of influences, Anurag draws inspiration from legends like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, MLTR, Opeth, and Meshuggah. His favorite quote, "The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self," reflects a profound commitment to personal growth.

What sets Anurag apart is not just his musical prowess but also his strategic approach to collaborations. Bringing an impressive list of international sponsorships, including Audio Assault (Mexico), XLN Audio (Sweden), Polychrome DSP (U.K), MixWave (U.S), STL Tones (Australia), and the esteemed GetGood Drums (U.S), Anurag has become the highest internationally sponsored audio artist from India.

As the founder of Aworon & Audile and the bassist for the glam rock act SNARM, signed by Denmark's Lion's Pride Music, Anurag Gogoi is a force to be reckoned with. His originals, each a sonic narrative, tackle issues from coral reef depletion to deforestation and the complexities of the human mind.

Anurag's story is not just about music; it's a testament to resilience, passion, and the ability to transcend boundaries. As he continues to push the envelope in the music industry, Anurag Gogoi invites you to join him on a sonic odyssey through the pages of Savaal magazine.

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