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Arihan | Artist Spotlight

Arihan Mitra is born and raised in Mumbai and he started making music after watching a kid on youtube Rap about how women are mistreated in our country. Being extremely impressed and inspired by the kids performance he thought to himself that he could do something similar to help spread awareness and wrote his debut track "Naari".

He wants to spread awareness, and he realized that it was his passion to do so with Rap.

‘Farak’ ft. Gaush is what they named their new track. The track as the name says means difference, where Arihan is stating how he is different from others, the track is all about them saying "we ain’t same" and that "you cannot be bitching about us because we came here on my own". This all was kept in mind writing the track ‘Farak’ ft .Gaush.

Divine is Arihan's biggest inspiration and the reason he makes music. He started writing rap when he was 15 and browsing through youtube and saw a performer spitting fire which made him realize the power of rhymes and the art of rap.

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