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B-leaf | Artist Spotlight

Venugopal Shah has come out with his first EP under his B-Leaf Title. B-leaf from Indore, Madhaya Pradesh. who now lives and performs in Herndon (Virginia), USA. He started learning hindustani classical music at the age of 7 years and attended a lot of concerts growing up. He later started listening to more western artists, but the Indian classical roots remained and thus he recognised the power of fusion in music. With his own style of music he has now has recently released an EP Titled "Zindagi Ke Geet".

The EP is a 4 track Ballad with his soothing voice telling us 4 different stories, each a different type of experience that B-leaf has an attachment with. The production of this EP took over 3 months and features his two friends from college, one of them being Yash Saxena (guitarist) and the other, Pradumn K (lyricist). This EP was recorded in his home studio. The guitars used are an acoustic Yamaha and a Gibson Les Paul Studio. I use a Yamaha synthesizer for keys/synths. Other gear includes a violin and Focusrite equipment for recording.

The song 'Goonjte Alfaaz' from the EP was written back in 2015 after B-leaf failed a Math course back in college. This track was his self redemption of sorts from that time.

"Whatever answers you are looking for will come from within" is what he learn't.

The second track Bas Ek Baar is a very different take on love, written by Pradumn which is a song about a love story, that lasted for just a few seconds. Ghar is a song that B-leaf wrote when he was constantly traveling and discovering new people and places reminiscing his journey. And the EP is finished with a song about how life passes us by like the clouds in the sky. It is sometimes just too difficult to keep up with.

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