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Bad Trip | Artist Spotlight

A Delhi established 5 piece Alt/ Rock band, put together to bring Alt/ Punk back 'into the scene', as every Delhi Musician would prefer to confess it. Formed in 2020, Bad Trip aims to display the genre in a manner that unfolds the covers of sheltered form of rock music. Their muse appears from the epitome of the classic era of 90s and early 2000s. Having staked their claim in days of yore, Sum 41, Foo Fighters and Blink 182 are to quote a few.

The band proffers their debut single, 'Out Of Reach' to the melomanics. Here, They strive to deliver their sound with a pinch of commercial background to resonate with the youth. Working on the track came as a huge ‘knock off’ during the pandemic, yet they still managed to put it off to their best abilities.

Out of Reach focuses on the very next morning, the very next feeling, when you realize that your better half is no longer there with you ,and is nothing you can do about it. They speak about the feeling that you feel in a situation like that, the ange,r the frustration and the sorrow.

The drive behind this single is that they want to inspire artists to pick up their instruments and do what they love and express them selves to the fullest

The bands line:

Rishab Koul- Vocals And Guitars

Vedant Shandilya - Vocals

Aaron Asher - Guitars

Saira Ahmed- Bass Guitar

Piyush Thomas - Drums

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