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Feel a modern-day fusion track called Advaita by Beyond Charlie

Life is unpredictable they say and artist Ashok Pai aka Beyond Charlie can reaffirm that.

Born in Mangalore this 39-year-old artist is a Dj / Music producer. who never had the luxury of pursuing music production professionally due to being knee-deep in work. For Ashok, taking up music production was always a far-fetched dream.

In 2020, the pandemic hit affecting all his businesses, but the thing that kept him going was music and as a blessing in disguise, Dj Raw King (Mika Singh's Official Dj) offered to teach him the art of music production. Being a Dj for roughly 15 years Beyond Charlie discovered his love for House music early on when the innovative Techno and Electronic sounds infiltrated back in 2006. He has embraced the genre wholeheartedly ever since. After moving to Germany in 2010, Beyond Charlie was presented with Techno and he couldn't help but fall in love with the genre, which is evident in his style up till now. He has headlined events in Kathmandu, Macau, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Goa, Mumbai, Kochi, Hyderabad, Manipal, and More. He has shared the stage with some of the best artists in the industry like John 00 Fleming, Minitech Project, The Yellow Heads, Ana Lilia, Baba Robijn, Bregger, Ramiro Lopez, Alberto Ruiz, Enamour, Candice Redding, Hilight Tribe to name a few.

His third single Advaita dropped on 28th July 2021. Advaita is a concoction of Indian Classical combined with techno. When asked about the track he says "It's a symphony of dual sounds ie: ancient Indian ragas with electronic synth. Hence the name "Advaita', which is a composite of two Sanskrit words: Prefix 'a', meaning "non" 'Dvaita', which means 'duality' or 'dualism'. The arrangement of the composition is all about the right balance of melodic sitar notes with a contemporary texture." The song is a melodious mix of groovy with a spice of ethnicity. The Melodic Techno track took him a week to record and was recorded at his home studio then mastered at Raw King's Studio.

Curd Rice and Karuna, his most recent releases, have been played on iHeart Radio, USA's premier radio station. Beyond Charlie's Indian classical techno fusion live set "Tejomaya" was broadcasted on in Frankfurt, Germany on June 2021, and "Ashariravani" is one of the top two guest mixes on Beyond Charlie's upcoming singles "Surangi" and "Parvati," are shortlisted for BBC Introducing. He is known for his unique blend of Indian Classical, Carnatic, and Indi Folk music with electronica.

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