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Big-H | Artist Spotlight

Harsh Mahant AKA Big-H is a rapper and a music producer from Raipur, Chhattisgarh who started music way back in 2013 with a fellow rapper Arun Pandey AkA Arunzmuzik. He grew his rapstyle over the years and now is working with Walnut Entertainment. He releases his new single "Badlaav" which is about him reminiscing the memories of the past recalling the betrayal from his loved ones and about how things have changed for the better and how to deal with the present if you feel like you are cornered.

Initially a dance instructor, Harsh used to teach dance to earn money for recording his music back in 2013. Its been since then that he started learning and reciting raps infront of all his collagues. He kept on uploading his music on youtube and soundcloud until one day he met Arun Pandey a.k.a Arunzmuzik and they started recording music on his laptop. They have collaborated on many tracks together .Now he is currently working under the label "walnut entertainment " (founded by Sumit Singh) along with his friend Arunzmuzik.

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