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Break out of your cage with Roohani's Debut EP 'Azad Panchi'

"Azad Panchi" is the debut EP of a Pune-based Indie Rock Band called Roohani. The EP was released on Independence day August 15, 2021. This story began with a few music fanatics who began to jam together. The band started jamming on tracks that the vocalist Alokik wrote before the formation of the band. They fed off each other energies and really enjoyed how each one of them brought something unique to the table. The band comes from humble beginnings as they started off by performing in Band wars at different colleges in Pune. While working together, they created some original music and started performing several venues across Pune and Mumbai.

The band features Anikey Patole on the keyboards, Adarsh Vishwakarma as the Lead Guitarist, Joel Bobby as the bassist, Daniel Chakranarayan on drums, and last but not least Alokik Modi on vocals. A combo of classically trained vocals, savory guitar riffs, groovy and powerful baselines, wide-spreading electronic elements, and powerful and tight beats, makes the band's compositions appealing to many. The band's motto is to compose original & cover music by fusing the aspects of Rock, Indian Classical, Electronic, and other musical elements to create a surreal listening experience.

The band's Debut Azad Panchi is a three-track EP that is about an inspiring journey from agony to liberation. It talks about the mental hurdles every other person faces in their life, and how focusing on mental health is the need of the hour. The three tracks in the EP are Panchi, Chale Gaye, and Kya Tha Sahi. Each song explains the emotions felt by the band and their journey to overcome their struggles. Just like everything the band believes in, this EP sings about the philosophies of life, relationships, societal perspectives, and Emotions. The band is true to themselves and portrays their views through music that allows one to relish and enjoy.

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