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Calvin Harris Faces Up to $1Million for Copying The Tune of "How Is It Gonna Be" in his song "Slide"

You may not know Mickael Zieben and Patrice Adekalom, but it's highly possible you remember a tune they created. For everyone who has listened to and loved the track 'Slide' By Calvin Harris featuring Migos and Frank Ocean, here is some news.

The track Slide is now going through an ongoing investigation after being called out for Copyright infringement. Mickael and Adekalom are taking Calvin Harris to court for a sum of $1 Million in the Judicial Court of Paris on Wednesday, May 25th.

On one hand, it is Sony Music Publishing France, UMPG’s Paris division, SMP’s EMI Music Publishing France, Migos’ Quality Control label, and on the other hand it is the original writers of the tune used in 'Slide'.

When Mickael Zieben and Patrice Adekalom realized that their song has been infringed and has receive 115 million streams on Youtube. The two artists referred to musicologists to break down the tracks and look for similarities. The first musicologist to test the tracks, London’s Chandler & Siddell, found “striking similarities between the two” songs in a nine-page-long report dated March 2019.

Another musicologist was Laurent Souques who is “an expert recognized by the Court of Appeal of Paris,” who gave a 30-page (French-language) analysis of his own, dated April of 2019.

With a strong case from the writers of the tune, this will be one of the first few times that such a case has been drawn out before two different countries' legal systems.

Following the proceedings in the courtroom about this case is something that everyone is looking forward to.

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