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Capturing the experience of falling in love: Ketan Vinayak Bhosale's latest release 'Just Us Two'

Born and raised in Mumbai, 24-year-old Ketan Vinayak Bhosale is a spirited musician who has been exposed to music since a very young age and has been writing and composing his music currently. An IT engineering graduate, the artist decided to take a leap of faith and explore his musical talent by giving production and writing music a shot. Given his passion for the art, the effort seems to be paying off quite well.

His latest track is a rock ballad named 'Just Us Two' which was released on the 9th of September this year. Written from the perspective of a person newly in love, it narrates the intense and warm feelings and experiences one develops and can't contain within oneself. It has been inspired by the artist's own experience and holds a special place in his heart. It took about a month for the track to be recorded while Ketan took his time with releasing it. The artwork for the track was achieved by the artist with the help of a friend.

"Enjoy little things in life", is the artist's motto and his recent release reflects it in the most authentic manner possible- falling in love is a sweet, special experience. Influenced by brilliant artists such as Slash, Alter Bridge, Tushar Lall, When Chai Met Toast, the Local Train, and The Yellow Diary, Ketan is a talented musician himself and has also attempted to mirror Japanese-Rock culture (RADWIMPS) in his latest track. We do not doubt that the young artist is a powerhouse of potential and wish him the very best of luck.

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