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Capturing the magic of nature: Nkshtra's latest EP 'The Low Carbon'

Born in Dhasai, Murbad, and now based in Kalyan, Maharashtra, 23-year-old Divyesh Harishchandra Gholap, known by his stage name Nkshtra is a talented music composer, producer, and DJ who started his music career in 2015. His all-time inspirations in the world of music include Ajay-Atul, Bandish Projekt, and AR Rahman.

His latest EP 'The Low Carbon' was released on the 23rd of September this year via Welupt Records. The interesting title skillfully encapsulates the theme of the EP- it is an ode to the beauty and purity of nature. A simple 'Jade' plant on his studio desk inspired him to look into the beautiful world of nature and reflect on everything that it teaches him daily. It led the artist to compose six tracks, all touched by the warmth and solace of nature. Each title track is inspired by the names of flora typically found in the rainforest regions and one of the tracks 'Passiflora' features Kritika Goyal as the singer. It took the artist three months to record the tracks at his home studio. The shots for the artwork were clicked in his hometown Chafe, Dhasai.

The inspiring young musician believes that one must keep flowing like water and spread their gifts all around them- it is suitably reflected in his refreshing, vibrant, and artistic music range. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for him and wish him the very best of luck.

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