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‘Chand Se Baat’- A hopeful track by Ruhfikra for all the dreamers out there

If life is a festival, Ruhfikra would like to be the guy with fireworks. An artist currently based in Dubai, he describes his story as “dreamlike.” His journey with music started with him writing Hindi covers of English songs and singing them on discord servers, gaining some of his first audience. This later led him to write his first song ‘Ruhfikra,’ which means “Thoughts of a soul,” in Arabic. He then gets so attached to the song that he decided to have his artist name ‘Ruhfikra’ as well. Post this success, he continued recording music at his canteen after-hours to release more songs.

The 29-year-old singer-songwriter was born in Punjab, Phagwara. The humble artist says that he still has a lot to learn, and therefore doesn’t consider himself to be a musician. “I still don’t consider myself a musician, just a wordsmith in search of stories and experiences that I can pen out in compositions,” he added.

‘Chand Se Baat,’ his latest release is for all the dreamers hustling day and night, making their struggle count. Released on the 11th of November, Ruhfikra wrote the lyrics a year back while still busy with work. When asked to talk about the song, he said, “ The reality is we are all dreamers, just somehow caged between the monotony of life and expectations that surround it.”

The song, originally composed to be a track with an acoustic guitar was later switched to the ukulele. The artist and his producer got inspired to do so after they heard the song ‘Shayad’ by Shirley Setia. They saw that having a ukulele-backed track fit the mood of ‘Chand Se Baat’ even better! The artwork was done by Harshita, the song was recorded at Beatscape Records Studio.

Ruhfikra is an artist who believes that we are all the magic we need if we believe in ourselves. With this song, he hopes to inspire at least a few people to take a leap of faith and chase the dreams that people usually fear. We are sure he has already achieved that.

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