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CMYK- An Artist Of Various Talents!

Meraj Ahmed is a graphic designer by day and a DJ by night. When he's not transforming his passion as an artist into designs that hit the dance floor, Meraj can often be found exploring new music. He specializes in techno and house music but he can play just about any genre that comes his way - at least you know your next party will be rocking to a great beat!

It all started back in 2008 when Meraj was in Shillong. At the time, his peers were more interested in the top 40 songs, but Meraj's taste was engineered towards house music instead. Today, he's been creating a name for himself as one of India's premier DJs!

As a young aspiring DJ, producer and graphic designer, he developed a real love for the label Defected, being introduced to its musical talents by the track 'To Be in Love' by Masters At Work. His early influences include classic artists like Chocolate Puma, Bingo Players, Dennis Ferrer and Roger Sanchez. He also enjoys contemporary producers including Adriatique, Ben Bohmer and others.

CMYK is well known for being an intelligent and driven DJ. His music selections are always on point, especially when it comes down to catering his playlists to particular venues. Furthermore, CMYK has been steadily increasing his following over the years by taking the time to learn from professionals in the industry.

CMYK has electrified dance floors across India with his amazing sounds and talent. He was able to craft his own unique style by mixing some of the best Western electronic music producers like Dee Montero, Los Cabra, Jonas Salbasch, Martin Roth, Alexander Alar, Space Motion, Ten Walls along with Eastern dance music pioneers such as Nikhil Chinapa, Arjun Vagle, Lifafa, Fake Tattoos, Tuhin Mehta, Jitter. He has made his mark on the most popular dance clubs!

CMYK’s seamless mixes fused together to create a music genre that is unique and all his own. He lays down vibrant soundscapes with live piano, saxophone, guitar, and flute, giving his audience the sensation of being taken to another dimension entirely.

CMYK has just embarked on a whirlwind journey into DJing and Graphic Designing. Since he began his career, his trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric; and it’s only the beginning. One thing for sure about CMYK is that he will certainly keep you moving and grooving with the powerful beats turned up to nail that perfect gig!

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