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Curtains & Kevin Verghese sing about being alienated while being on a journey of being accepted

A trio that came together because of their love for music now is set to begin their full-fledged career in the field. Kevin Verghese, Prakhar Yadav, and Dev Bhardwaj have always loved music and they have come together to create a sound that is sonically soothing and pleasant while being impactful and makes you wonder. The trio features Kevin Verghese on Guitars and Bass, Prakhar Yadav who takes on the production and also plays guitars for the band and Dev Bhardwaj who is the vocalist. They all love mixing their ideas and all take part in the songwriting process.

Kevin and Dev were born and brought up in New Delhi while Prakhar was born in Uttrakhand. The band was formed in New Delhi where they all came together in college where they were part of the same music society. Although Dev and Kevin were born in New Delhi, it was Dev ad Prakhar who started making music together first, during their High School times.

Manzar which was released on 23rd May 2021, is their first major release in which the band poured their heart into. "Manzar is a song that explores the idea of alienation one faces as they grow up. The song is arranged like a journey that starts from dealing with the transient nature of the world to the acceptance of the same, and it culminates with the hope of finding your purpose" they told us when we asked them about the song. The sound is a beautiful track that makes you ponder about life. The track was recorded at Dev's home as they couldn't move out due to the lockdown and resorted to a DIY recording approach where they used a heavy blanket to simulate a vocal booth and used Mattresses for Noise dampening. The band has just began this journey and has a lot more to offer in the near future and we are excited to see what this trio creates next.

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