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Dedicated to the youth and their dreams: Anshu The Rapsoul's 'THIS (Tale of His Incarnated Soul)'

A spirited rapper from Patna, 25-year-old Anshu Kumar better known by his stage name Anshu The Rapsoul was introduced to rap music by his friends in 2010. Ever since then, his journey as a rap artist has blossomed and he released his first song on YouTube in 2018. He was one of the top 40 contestants in Hustle Season one that was aired on MTV. Passionate about the stories his music tells, the artist captures the struggles and difficulties that stem from belonging to a middle-class family and a small town that demands responsibilities that make it challenging to follow one's dreams.

His latest album 'THIS (Tale of His Incarnated Soul)' was released on the 14th of October this year and traces the journey of a middle-class boy who dreams of making it big in the rap industry. An album of eight songs, each one evokes a different emotion and experience in the listener - be it the bittersweet experience of a young person with big dreams or the pursuit of peace that music offers the individual. The album is a universal experience that touches upon the collective struggle that youngsters face in their lives and the layers of challenges each one must overcome. It took the artist three years to write and release the album, seven of the eight tracks were recorded in a home studio setup while the last track was recorded at Indiegods Records Studio. The artwork was made by him using the expertise of Canva.

The founding member of Bihar's First Rap Group '5Tricks' has become a label today, Anshu The Rapsoul is a rising artist to watch out for. He looks forward to collaborating with Sharda Sinha and Eminem in the future and we wish him the very best of luck.

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