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Even the undying joyful spirit has its days : Shivangi Aggarwal’s latest song ‘Disappear’

Shivangi Aggarwal, a doctor by profession defines her story as one that’s ‘unfolding.’ The singer-songwriter who also happens to be a dance choreographer used to perform in school events. Eventually, she started posting covers of her favorite songs on social media and also wrote a lot of poetry in school. This translated into writing her songs and bringing them to life. The 26-year-old artist, who was born and is currently based in Chennai, has Taylor Swift as her biggest influence. “She’s the reason why I wanted to learn how to sing and eventually write my own songs,” she added.

The artist believes that “If you feel like you don’t fit into the world you’ve inherited, it means that you were born to create a new one.” In her musical journey, she intends to create the impact that Taylor swift had on her and hopes to collaborate with her sometime in the future.

‘Disappear,’ her latest song released on the 28th of August, speaks of the nagging feeling in the depths of one’s consciousness, as one goes through life, day by day. It talks about how an undying spirit filled with hope and joy, occasionally feels bogged down with one’s own criticism and expectations, apart from that of the world. The song also elaborates on the everlasting gloom that is brought forth by a perpetual existential crisis, as a result of existing in this fast-paced, exhausting and relentless world.

All these complex feelings come together and make one want to simply disappear from reality, even if it's for a while. Therefore, ‘Disappear’ is a plea to be able to take a step back, take everything in, observe, breathe, and hope that somehow, they will be able to cope with the chaos, that is life. The pop /rap song took about 6 months for the artist. It has Amogh Balaji on the rap bit and O’Daapun who worked on music production. The entire process of music production, vocal recordings, mixing and mastering was done at all three artists’ home studios.

Aggarwal wants her audience to be able to relate to lyrics, feel deeply and allow themselves to be vulnerable. She wishes all of them to come back and listen to her songs again as she did with Taylor Swift. With songs like ‘Disappear,’ we’re sure that’s already happening.

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