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Experience Zupiter and his cute sounds in his latest track 'It Changes' featuring Shreya

Zupiter is a young artist that was born in Gohpur, Assam; who soon moved to Guwahati and settled there. He was born into a family with no musical background and all his cousins were either studying for or working at a conventional job place. Zupiter had different plans for life and he works every day on making music to be able live life as a full-time musician. Traveling and performing at live shows are his passions and nothing makes him happier than being in a musical space.

Although Zupiter started learning music production in his school days, he only started to take building a music career seriously at the age of 19. Its been two years since he started taking his music career seriously and he has completely won the hearts of his audience. He gained popularity when released his single 'Manw Bidi' from his debut EP 'Cherry Blossom' and for the remix of 'Thandi Hawa' by Ritviz. Zupiter also released a single called 'galangdw' that hit more than 100k views in a week and now sits at over 400k views and the music video got aired on MTV Australia and MTV UK. He collaborated with Kool-D on a single called 'Xunyo' and that track has garnered over 1 million views on youtube.

Zupiter was recognized by Ritviz when he came across Zupiters 'Bombay Kids' and 'Manw Bidi'. Ritviz also made a cameo in Zupiters latest track 'It Changes' feat. Shreya. The track was released on the 16th of July 2021, and the track is a motivational song that he and Shreya wrote when Zupiter was going through tough times. When we asked Zupiter about the track, he told us "Nothing lasts forever, everything has its end. If we're going through tough times, we just need to be patient because our good time is gonna come and we're gonna shine soon. In these extraordinary times, when Shreya and I wrote this song, we knew the only way to achieve the very little we could do for everyone's mental health is to include everyone in the music video and be a part of it."

The track features many soulful melodies and as he would like to call it "cute sounds". The track took them three months to release and the track was composed at his brother's studio while Shreya sent him the vocals online. The song was edited and published without Zupiter and Shreya meeting due to the pandemic.

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