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Exploring Cultural Boundaries: ARBAZ Unveils Debut EP Desi Scandinavian with Bilingual Track "Condo"

Norwegian singer and producer ARBAZ has taken the music world by storm with his latest release, the debut EP ‘Desi Scandinavian’. With a career that spans over a decade, ARBAZ is not just a talented artist but also a community activist, with a strong passion for giving back to his roots.

ARBAZ first rose to fame as a rapper, winning several local competitions, including "Melodi Grand Prix Jr." and "UKM". But his impact extends far beyond the music scene, as he was also featured on a popular Norwegian youth series "AF1" and performed at several important events, such as the Norway Youth Football Cup and the 150th anniversary of the Red Cross at Oslo City Hall.

The title of the EP ‘Desi Scandinavian’ reflects the two cultures that ARBAZ has grown up with and seeks to merge through his music. This 5-track bilingual EP showcases ARBAZ’s versatility as a rapper, with a sound for every mood. The lead single ‘Condo’ is a playful hip-hop track that pays homage to the South Asian music scene and will be the first music video from the album. On the other hand, the emotional Afro-pop track ‘Baby Girl’ is a love song dedicated to ARBAZ’s partner and those who have supported him throughout his journey. The socially conscious track ‘Vogue’, written during the pandemic, sheds light on ARBAZ’s struggles with mental health during that period.

ARBAZ’s ‘Desi Scandinavian’ also explores themes of personal growth and reflection, particularly on the track ‘Jealousy’ where he relates the story of the prophet Yusuf to his own experiences of betrayal from friends and colleagues in the industry. The second part of the EP’s title track reflects on ARBAZ’s journey as a prominent South Asian artist in Norway and his struggle to reconcile his two identities.

This self-reflective EP, which took ARBAZ three years to create, is a highly relatable project that embodies his innovative approach to music and his ability to bridge the gap between cultures. With support from media outlets such as BBC Asian Network, Brit Asia, and B4U Music, ARBAZ has already gained a significant following and promises to bring more music, collaborations, and a long-awaited tour in 2023.

Speaking on the release of ‘Desi Scandinavian’, ARBAZ states, “This EP reflects who I am and the mixture of different continents, places, and environments that I belong to. I want to fly but still keep my feet on the ground.” By staying close to his Pakistani roots, ARBAZ is dedicated to bringing Desi music to a wider audience and showcasing his unique perspective as a bilingual rapper from Norway.

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