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Fall in Love with Arpit Mehta's Heartfelt Acoustic Pop-Romantic Track - Tham Ja Zara

Arpit Mehta is a rising Indian musician, composer and producer, based in Mumbai. With his latest release, “Tham Ja Zara,” he has solidified his place as a promising artist in the acoustic pop and romantic genres.

“Tham Ja Zara” is a duet acoustic song that tells the story of a girl who begins to realize her feelings for a guy. The lyrics, beautifully written by Divyesh, capture the beauty and magic of this moment, as the two characters start to acknowledge their feelings for each other. Ana and Arpit’s soulful voices create a soothing and romantic atmosphere, providing a perfect soundtrack for anyone who has ever experienced the joys and uncertainty of falling in love.

Arpit’s journey as a musician began in the 7th grade when he started learning music. Over the years, he has been influenced by some of the greatest musicians of all time, including A.R. Rahman, Vishal Bhardwaj, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, John Mayer, and Jagjit Singh. However, his music is not limited to any particular genre, and he likes to experiment with different sounds and styles to create his own unique sound.

“Tham Ja Zara” was recorded in several places, with the musicians recording their parts in their own setups. Despite this, Arpit was able to bring everything together and create a beautiful and cohesive arrangement that perfectly complements the lyrics and vocals.

Arpit’s story is one of hard work and perseverance. After dropping out of engineering college, he went on to study media and then worked with senior composer and music producer, Mr. Raju Singh. His experience with Mr. Singh helped him hone his skills as a music producer, and he has been working as a freelancer since then.

For Arpit, music is the only known magic in today’s world. He draws inspiration from his love for food, travel, mountains, music and dogs. His favorite instrument at the moment is the Rabab, and he cannot imagine his life without his family, food, music, dogs, and sleep. If you are a fan of acoustic pop and romantic music, then “Tham Ja Zara” is definitely worth a listen.

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