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Feel RiDum and God Flow’s latest release ‘The Untold’ on overcoming obstacles and discrimination

Born and raised in Shillong, Ricky Diengdoh, aka Feel RiDum and Ryan Marshall Laloo, aka God Flow are two young rappers who aspire to make their voices heard across the country. They express themselves through their art and hope to make the rap game big in their city. Some of their artistic influences include Raftaar, Eminem, J Cole, Seedhe Maut, and many more. While the 20-year-old Ricky believes that “Whatever you love can be taken away, so live like it is your dying day,” Ryan had something different when asked about his favorite quote. The latter stated the Tupac Amaru Shakur quote that says “Do everything you can to make it around the system, over the system, or out of the system.” Ryan, who is 21 years old, also has a brother, who like him, is an aspiring rapper.

‘The Untold,’ their recent release is a hip-hop song on equality, individuality, and celebrating the uniqueness in everyone. Released on the 5th of August, the track also expresses the artists’ utmost love for the art they create. As therapeutic as it is for them, their music is also a means to reach out to them. The masses encourage them to ponder over some of the things in their lives. ‘The Untold’ also touches on some sensitive topics like caste discrimination and the violence that circulates in their city. Since the boys have witnessed such violence firsthand, they thought it was right to put it out there for the mass to hear.

The track was released under the record label UCM (UrbanChalla Music) and was produced by Sains Beat. Taking two hours, ‘The Untold’ was recorded at a studio called Mix and Flow Productions. The final mixing and mastering, however, was done by Zypher.

When asked to talk about their vision, they said, “We dream that one day we can take the hip hop movement of Shillong to the highest pedestal and make it the forefront through the foundation we‘re cementing one step at a time.” We at Savaal wish them good luck.

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