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  • Virendra Narain

Fiza Music | Artist Spotlight

Fiza is a four piece Delhi based band started in 2019. Who aim to make indie pop and rock music. Over the course of the past few months, they have been looking to find their sound. Their music blends soulful verses and bright chords to reach out to the hearts of the masses. They have no particular stone etched goal, they just walk the road and hope it leads them to where we can find people and play music.

Saqib and Anirudh knew each other as they both were part of the music society of their college, while Manan struck a chord with them in the jamming sessions which followed. Shashwat and Saqib go way back as they are childhood friends. Although the band is ever ready to play covers of some of the most beloved songs, their philosophy drives them to create and play their original songs , which tell their own story.

They have released 2 sings so far:

1 Shabnam Si Tum- Their debut single Shabnam Si Tum is a metaphorical expression of love. Written and released amidst quarantine, the song aims to breach the distance between people and their loved ones in these hard times.

2 Betaabi- Their second single Betaabi is about the restless state of mind of a person. A state of mind when a person wants to do what the heart wants but cant due to multiple reaons or sometimes, just because of fear. Betaabi is about a restless state of mind which

is often ever present but not usually paid heed to.

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