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Heiko Wagner Quartett’s latest track ‘Paderborn Sunset’- reminiscent of a night he spent in the 80s

An artist who defines his story as a ‘late starter,’ Marco has been making music since the 90s. Born in Hamburg, Germany, he cannot do without music, rhythm, love, sport, and dancing in his life. He founded the solo project ‘Heiko Wagner Quartett’ in early 2020 when covid 19 was all the rage in the world. Since then, Marco has been releasing songs in German. Some of them are ‘Bilbao,’ ‘Hin und wieder(Sugartime),’ ‘Komm naher,’ and many more.

Along with this, the artist is also a part of a 10-piece hip-hop combo. His genre is somewhere in between synthwave and disco, which were his influences as a child interested in music. Based in Oldenburg/Lower Saxony for many years now, the bass is this musician’s favorite instrument. He releases tracks recorded at his house with his friends and sister-in-law, who create the covers for him.

‘Paderborn Sunset,’ his latest track is one you won’t regret listening to. Released on the 2nd of December, the song is about an old story of Marco’s that simply won’t forget. A song that is reminiscent of a night in the late 80s, talks about loving a friend in secret.

The artist on his youtube channel writes, “The true story of a night when the world seemed like it was made up just for Claudia and m. Unforgotten because it's been a long time,” when translated to English from german. The result of this beautiful story is the song ‘Paderborn Sunset.’

Marco wishes to collaborate with artists like Gill Scott Heron in the future. We hope it becomes a reality one day!

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