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Honey Joshi | Artist Spotlight

Standing up for what you believe in and living life to the fullest. This seems to the moto of our generation and its quite amazing. 23-year old singer-songwriter Honey Joshi from Mumbai is using music as a weapon in this battle. She has teamed up with Saachi Mendon on the guitar and Nikhil Bhave on the drums, who is also the producer for the band. Honey recalls that her first tryst with performing music was being a part of a band named ‘The Live 100 Experience’, playing a tribute to Amit Trivedi. Personally, Honey has been inspired by women in the rock music scene like Beth Hart and Kelly Clarkson.

Honey’s latest single – Disappear – was released on January 11, 2021 and is an unfiltered, unapologetic song about tuning out toxic behaviours and people from her life. The song is born from the artist’s personal experiences, which would help it be rather relatable. It features robust guitar riffs while the drums have a rather classic rock and roll vibe to them. Honey’s voice is enchanting yet powerful in putting across the message. The title comes from the idea that sometimes, the best way to deal with life is to disappear from this tiring world and recharge your batteries. The track has been in the making since the past 2 years and recording was delayed due to the pandemic. Well, its finally here for you to enjoy! The artwork for this track has been designed by Odera’s Ark.

Honey has been teaching contemporary Western vocals for more than 4 years. She has trained in music under the Trinity College, London. She believes that after all these years of teaching, its her time to finally step up to the plate and make music that she enjoys, while also working on collaborations with various artists. If given a chance, she’d love to work with Brandie Carlie and Aditi Ramesh.

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