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Ride the Wave, with Waves Kraft.

Hozaifa Sayed, is an accomplished audio engineer and educator with an exhibited history of working in the sound instruction and music mastering industry over the last decade and growing. He is very well experienced with music production training utilizing Ableton Live 10, and AVID Pro Tools and teaches as a certified instructor for both industry leading digital audio workstations. For his passion in music education, He was awarded the prestigious Dronacharya Award for Teachers in Audio Education by the Indian Recording Arts Awards committee in 2017 at the annual Palm Expo event in Mumbai for his expertise in teaching full time over the last 7 years and continues to independently through his online mentorship program and visiting faculty tie ups. Hozaifa Sayed loves to show music lovers with practically zero knowledge of instrument or production their way around the ropes, making for the best entry point into learning music production and acquiring the necessary understanding and in developing their artistic skills.

As an accomplished instructor and mastering engineer, Hozaifa Sayed has a differing and ever evolving taste in music that is brought back into his training to help students grasp production ideas that make possible production of various genres, allowing for students to understand and develop their own production style. This approach brings a huge scope of creative possibilities, for understudies that aim to learn, create and focus on their own imaginative styles of music and artistic articulation.

Recent tie ups with labels through his music mastering service- Waves Kraft Mastering, has brought his audio engineering expertise to serve artist across the globe and he is now officially offering his service to all Ableton Certified Trainers worldwide at a discounted price and has helped numerous independent artists by working on their releases at heavily discounted rates to help artists affected due the corona virus and ensuing lockdowns.

Hozaifa now looks at establishing a few more labels collaborating for their mastering. His unquenched passion for mentoring and guiding fresh minds as well pushes him to take up new challenges daily with production, listening and mastering varied styles of music, all encompassed within the limited realm of human hearing, how he manages so much is a question for another time but we know that he loves to keep on his toes through student and artistic engagements and is always happy to help budding producers or just anyone with related questions for him.

He has now successfully mastered over 250 tracks, significant of which is a production recorded, mixed and produced at Abbey Road Studios, Amsterdam. All the music releases are available to hear on the Spotify and Soundcloud playlist named after this mastering service- Waves Kraft Mastering.

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