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Kabootar: Devendra Lohar's Desi Pop/Hip-Hop Song Takes Listeners on a Journey of Unspoken Love

Devendra Lohar, known by his artist name devlo, is a rising musician who has recently released his latest track, "Kabootar". The song, released on February 17, 2023, is a beautiful blend of desi pop and hip-hop that takes the listener on a nostalgic journey of unconfessed love.

Born in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, Devendra's musical journey started at a young age when he began learning Hindustani classical music and playing the tabla under the guidance of his grandfather, Shri Nanuram Ji Lohar. However, it was during his undergraduate days at IIT Kharagpur that Devendra was introduced to electronic music production and started pursuing it as a hobby.

Currently, Devendra is a software engineer based in Tokyo, and he continues to pursue his passion for music after office hours. He aims to create music that blends modern electronic music with the deep foundations of Hindustani classical music. His music aims to remind the listener of their roots and narrate unique relatable stories.

"Kabootar" is a heartfelt reminder of the power of love and the beauty that exists in admiration. The lyrics, which beautifully capture the longing of a guy in his mid-twenties as he reminisces about his college crush, are complemented by the music, which expresses the depth of his feelings and the beauty he saw in her. The title "Kabootar" symbolizes the cage of unspoken emotions that he kept locked in his heart, much like a dove waiting to be set free.

The recording of "Kabootar" took around three months from production to mix and master, and it was recorded in Devendra's bedroom studio. The album artwork was created by Abeen, adding a personal touch to the album. His musical influences include Ritviz, Nucleya, Mitraz, and Zaeden. His favorite quote, "Shabd bhi bayaan karne walo ki talaash mein hai," emphasizes the power of words and their ability to express one's thoughts and emotions.

As a collaboration preference, Devendra would love to collaborate with Ritviz, Nucleya, Mitraz, and Lost Stories, all of whom have been influential in his musical journey.

In conclusion, Devendra Lohar, aka devlo, is a talented musician who blends the essence of modern electronic music with the roots of Hindustani classical music. With "Kabootar," he has created a masterpiece that takes the listener on a nostalgic journey of unconfessed love. Devendra's story is a testament to the fact that pursuing your dreams, no matter what profession you're in, is always possible.

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