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Kapil Tamane | Artist Spotlight

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Kapil Tamane is an Indian Singer- Songwriter from Delhi, India. He has performed extensively as a solo artist in India . He currently performs as an Indie Acoustic artist.

Kapil discovered his Hindi poem writing skills when he writes for his school magazine and was appreciated for his work. He is learning and creating music that reflects his Individuality, emotions, musicality. 

Kapil has released two singles till date and waits to resume his live career when the pandemic gets better.

His first track "Zindagi Tu Kaha" was released on Oct 28, 2019 on Youtube.

He released his second single named "Mujhe Udne Do" on the 21st of February. This song is about hope and positivity. It states that people have forgotten to live their life to the fullest and often forget to notice the tiny happiness around them. This song connect you with beautiful nature around us and help you to remember the childhood days when we use to cherish and fill colors in every moment of life.

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