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KK Passes away at 53: The Voice of Love, Silenced Forever

No song celebrates friendship like "Pal". No song represents love like "Aankhon mein teri". No song describes heartbreak like "Tadap tadap". No song is complete without the melody and meaning brought to it by KK. Such was the power of his voice. It penetrates through the ears and pierces the heart. All we can do is get lost in the mesmerizing voice that brings back many memories. There is at least one song, if not more, for each emotion we experience through life and KK sang at least one of them. His death came as a thunderbolt to everyone in the music fraternity.

The sudden and shocking demise of KK left the country speechless. His life as a singer spanning over 3 decades of his career, with more than 300 films in 30 languages came to an abrupt end as he collapsed at his hotel after he performed for more than an hour at a concert in Kolkata. He was rushed to a hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

He was known for his versatility and range, and for singing songs that could fit the mood of the scene, irrespective of the genre of song.  He also sang non-film songs and was a successful pop artist.

KK passed away at the age of 53. Tributes poured in from the music world. Many people expressed their disbelief at the news of his death. "I'm shocked to hear about the passing away of my friend KK," Sonu Nigam said. “I am unable to wrap my head around this news. Numb. # KK Why! This is too hard to accept! Heart is shattered in pieces.” Tweeted Singer Shreya Ghoshal. "It is shocking news". He was one of the finest voices. His death is a huge loss to our industry. I pray for his soul to rest in peace." Tweeted Allu Arjun.

He will forever be remembered as the Voice of Love and the Voice of Hearts, especially among the top favorites of the Indian Music Industry.

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