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KritiNish | Artist Spotlight

"Kiss my lips" a cute beginning to a beautiful story. Kritika and Nishant Rastogi met at one of Nishant's gigs and Kritika was instantly drawn in by his charm. This song embarks their relationship as it was written and sung by Kritika for Nishant as a confession to him. Since they met, its become somewhat a tradition if either one of them did something stupid or weird, the other person will hear a new song about it making them grow together musically.

Both Kritika and Nishant can track back to early childhood memories of music when it came to singing, writing, composing & playing instruments. But for Nishant it was in 11th class with a school band & paid shows while Kritika took music as a career path after she left her job in the Apple Franchise. And meeting each other enhanced their career and journey of learning music together.

Kiss my Lips is a song about cravings, when you’re going slow in a world where most relationships break within the first few weeks. When we asked Kritika what inspired the track she told us "There is a child like love when your are inseparable. But when you grow together, you learn a lot about yourself, the other person & life. Our music is influenced by those learning & experiences. We try to give words & sounds to these emotions."

They started the production in late 2019, as an electronic pop track. But later changed the direction as an indie pop acoustic just 2 months before release.

Now, the electronic version will come out soon. While we are recording the Hindi version of ‘kiss my lips’. The whole song was produced in their Home Studio and the production was done by Nishant himself. They are looking to continue releasing music and spreading love within and around them.

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