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  • Virendra Narain

Krystallic Purge | Artist Spotlight

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Krystallic Purge is a progressive metal band formed in 2019 with members from New Delhi, India and Sydney, Australia. The name Krystallic Purge name refers to the idea of systematic glorification of the incessant and irreversible destruction of human values of empathy, benevolence and the idea of togetherness. They believe that the current state of ignorance towards these aspects are leading humanity and the environment towards a slow but inevitable purge.

Krystallic Purge was planning a tour across India that included various college fest got canceled due to the global pandemic.They had played an online show which had been curated by a UK based online concert promoter called show4me. They are working on a album which is named after their debut single called" Far Too Late" which is suppose release next year, also working on a quarantine album which is supposed to release this year.

Their debut single is called "Far Too Late". When we asked them what was the inspiration for the song this is what they had to say: "Often, we find ourselves in an uncomfortable state of being unable to reconcile our current selves with our ever-burgeoning aspirations. This is when we either readjust our aspirations down or strive and shout (metaphorically) and use every ounce (technically Joule) of our energy and strive to improve ourselves to match up to our wishful alter ego. And sometimes, we do both, unsure of what each path might lead to. To us, this song explores this dichotomy."

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