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Kunal Babbar's continuous journey forced him to release a track to the public on demand

Kunal Babbar is not your average Dilli ka Launda, this Canada-based Delhiite has his emotions flowing through his music. He started learning the Piano when his father took him to a friend's place and sat him down to learn an instrument as he didn't like his son playing on the streets. He picked up the guitar when he was 14 and started composing at 17. He realized his need to pursue music when he got admission in Delhi University. Although he comes from a non-musical background, he learned how to market his music and understood how to make his music reach a wider audience. He also picked up music production and has been doing it for 3 years now.

The track Jao Na was completed in 3 days, and he says most of his tracks are recorded that soon as he likes to keep minimal instruments. "Also, while producing a track once I get into the flow of making it then it's just a matter of time where I would have all my ideas layered down in my DAW" he added. The song was released on 30th  April, 2021 and he told us that the idea struck when he was remembering the time he had to let go of someone dear to him even though he didn't want them to leave. Kunal has always made music that he can relate to, and believes his true expression is what will resonate with his audience.

"During this song, I wanted to maintain a flow and the continuous uncanny emotion and hence I just went on with electric guitars and a bit of Piano which I like to call ear candy. The second part of the song was a melody I created last year and just kept it on the side cause I never was able to complete it but again in April I created another melody of the song and they just fell in place together" he tells us. The song wasn't supposed to be released but when he played it to his friends, they requested him for the audio file if he wasn't planning on releasing it, and in a few days he started getting texts from other people asking for a link to the track. People started sharing the track among themselves and that encouraged him to release it officially at the end of April only to be heard and loved by many more.

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