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  • Sruthi Nagarjun

"Little Longer took a little longer than expected", says Vikram

A full-time engineer with a penchant for music, Vikram Ashtaputre launched his single Little Longer on the 13th of May. Here are a few interesting deets about this debut singer-songwriter.

Born and brought up in Pune, India, Vikram has traveled to different parts of the world and is finally calling San Francisco Bay Area, California home.

"Regardless of where I called "home" at that time, my heart always yearned for a place where I would finally be able to fully settle in and truly feel at ease. From this simple idea came the song “Little Longer”. The lyrics describe what it is our hearts yearn most to feel one way or another - perhaps a sense of belonging." says Vikram.

The song tells the story of every person who has ever moved away from their home. It is about a journey of finding that same feeling of home in a strange new environment. The song captures that heart-wrenching emotion - when you find yourself longing for something even as another wonderful thing continues to unfold, and there is no denying that you are where you belong.

Vikram Ashtaputre has had a talent for music, right from a very young age. As all mothers do, his mother was the first to recognize this talent and encourage it. Soon, he became well-versed in different formats of Indian as well as Western music styles. Even with his full-time job as an engineer, he makes time for his music, football, and family.

He collaborated with Nihar Bhave for the lyrics and Mohit Shandilya who mixed and engineered the song wonderfully. But most of all, the artwork for his song by Omisha Gandhi is what is captivating.

Vikram hopes to keep making music that his audiences will crave and believes that as long as you keep hoping only good things can happen in life.

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