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Maximoltz’s latest single ‘Fly Away’ stimulates escapism from daily loops and routines

Yash Ahuja aka Maximoltz is an artist who believes “No such is a life that is better than yours.” A DJ and music producer born and based in Jodhpur City, Rajasthan, he started writing lyrics when he was just 13 years old. He later also discovered the world of FL Studio when he was 14 years old. Placing the first runner-up in an inter-school song competition and winning a remix contest in 2016 influenced him to pursue a career in music.

Some of the 22-year-old artist’s influences include Martin Garrix, San Holo, Billie Eilish and J.Cole. This artist who defines his story as a ‘rollercoaster’ has been featured on Rolling Stone India, TV, and Radio for his debut Hindi release ‘Khwaab.’

His latest song ‘Fly Away’ paints a picture of people “flying away” to a better place where there’s a lot of peace and joy and also allows space for opinions to be shared without judgment. Maximoltz wrote this song when he felt like he was stuck in a loop in his life and needed an escape. Released on the 15th of September, this is the first song where the artist has his vocals for a record.

The track intends to create an imaginary character that can be perceived as ‘hope’ who helps him to escape/fly away from the loop and takes him to a better place. ‘Fly Away’ falls under the future bass genre of electronic dance music and took two months to finish with multiple recording sessions. When asked to narrate a fun story about the song, he said “If you listen to the vocals clearly you’ll hear some background voice. People think that it is an added atmosphere background effect but it is just the neighbour’s 10-year-old kid.” The track was recorded in his living room on his Audio Technical at2020 microphone.

The artist hopes to collaborate with popular artists like A R Rahman and J.Cole in the future. We hope he makes this dream a reality very soon.

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