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Mysore Xpress releases ‘Starlight’ – a song that speaks of the aura of the night

With their unique mix of rock, pop, native folk, electronic layers and soulful lyrics, Mysore Xpress has been taking the country on storm ever since 2018. The band has Raghunandan S on the guitars, Zubin Paul on the vocals, Harshith Rao on the drums, Samrudh on the flute and Pramod on the bass. This 5 piece Indie Rock/pop band is from Mysore and is currently based in Bangalore/Mysore. They are known for their energetic live music experience with visuals to experience emotions and connect with the lyrics. The band also known for their covers has released three singles that found enormous success.

The band has performed in various shows like the renowned music festival Casa Bacardi in 2019, which also had major indie artists from India like Raghu Dixit and When Chai Met Toast. They have also performed in the celebrated Mysuru Dasara. The band had been nominated for ‘Best Rock Artist’ for the ‘Freedom Awards 2019’ for their song ‘Freedom Rock.’ With their debut EP ‘Made in Mysore’ released in 2022. Comprising 4 songs, the EP is a culmination of the band's emotive perspective and musical vision. Mysore Xpress has performed over 60 shows across venues in Karnataka.

‘Starlight,’ their latest single speaks of the aura of the night that cannot be explained but only felt. The experience brings about a certain internal peace and calm which resonates with many and this is exactly what the song is all about. The song that was conceptualised to address this marvellous escapism into the world of night where beautiful thoughts and ideas are translated, was released on September 18th. This is the band’s first Hindi single.

The modern pop-rock single took about 2 months for the band to make. It was recorded at their studio with the mixing and mastering done by Vivek Thomas.

Savaal wishes them many more such successes.

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