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Nikhil Ramani | Artist Spotlight

Nikhil Ramani and Luke Duckworth are two room mates that have the same dreams keeping them up at night. They met on the internet and became friends after they realized their mutual love for music. Soon after they joined a band called From Elsewhere where Nikhil sang and played guitar and Luke played drums. With a plan to create they now stay together and record music. They now work on their own music while collaborating with each other. They say they are working “Solo Together” where they collaborate as solo musicians on a bunch of songs.

Nikhil Ramani moved to Indianapolis from Chennai and did his undergrad in Psychology and is persuing graduation for Social Work but wants to make music a full time thing for himself. He has been a musician from the young age of 8 and Luke started at 7. Their collaboration lead to their latest release "Lavender Dreams" which is an upbeat indie pop song which speaks of sleep, dreaming, and self reflection.

"Lavender Dreams" was released on Dec 30th 2020, and its a melodious journey through a beautiful dream. It took them around half a year to put this piece together and they spent extra time to polish it to their liking. The beautiful arpeggios overlayed with crisp drums gives the song an uplifting feeling with a hint of mystery and obscurity. The frame of the album art was drawn by illustrator Sara Nye and the picture in the frame was shot by Nikhil himself. Nikhil looks forward to working with many artists in the coming future.

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