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Paraj | Artist Spotlight

Paraj Kumar Singh from Bangalore has been on his journey of music for the last 20 years and its just a start for him. He started with the tabla and learnt a few instruments over the years, but found his true love in the guitar and has been working on composing absolutely beautiful music. He juggles work and being a musician efficiently by writing or recording all his music after work and maintains the routine well.

When we asked him about what he believes he out achieve, he said "I’m a writer and musician with a burning desire to reach as many people through my music and tell them things that they won’t say to themselves and help uplift them. I believe that music has the power to change minds and that can change the world in more ways than one and that anyone with the power to do so, should never take their gifts for granted." And we believe he has the gorgeous gift and keen motive to inspire him to create works like his new EP " Inara".

His latest EP "Inara" is a project, where Paraj has collaborated with Sudharsan Krishnakumar an audio engineer and musician by profession who he met in the crowd of the Weekender 2017 Steven Wilson concert in 2016. He told us that the EP should have ideally taken 6 months took about twice as long because of Covid but in the end we can all agree it was worth it as we believe its a beautifully Conceptualized EP. You can also see that he has drawn inspiration from bands like The Pineapple Thief, Opeth, Riverside, Porcupine Tree, Shinedown in this EP.

The best part about the album is in its concept of how he has written the album. The album’s songs are all in increasing order of duration from Dawn to The Other Side. Except for The Other Side, the rest of the songs are in the same key as the starting letter of the song – Dawn (D Maj), Continue (C# min), Adrift (A min), Familiar (F minor). Oh, and the last word of the lyrics of the last song is the name of the first song – Dawn, so it’s cyclical in a way. And we have been able to loop the EP when we listen to it.

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