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"Parishrut & Nitish: 'Floating' - A Captivating Musical Journey of Nostalgia and Self-Reflection

Two talented artists, Parishrut and Nitish, have come together to release their debut single titled "Floating." This ambient rock track, released on April 15, 2023, takes listeners on a nostalgic journey while exploring the themes of acceptance and self-reflection. With Parishrut handling music composition, arrangement, and production, and Nitish lending his lyrical and vocal prowess, the duo has created a captivating piece of music that leaves a lasting impression.

The artists' collaboration began during their time as students at KM College of Music and Technology in Chennai in 2019. Bonding over their shared love for music, Parishrut, Nitish, and Krishanu Hazarika, a guitarist from Assam, started jamming and performing together at college events. Although they are currently based in different cities due to personal commitments, they have continued to work remotely, pushing through the challenges to bring their music to life.

"Floating" marks the beginning of Parishrut and Nitish's music career as independent artists. They are known for their experimental approach, keeping an open mind to various genres. While exploring rock and alternative sounds, they are eager to delve into new sonic territories in their future releases.

The track itself is a result of an interesting turn of events. Originally meant to be an instrumental piece for a college assignment, Parishrut decided to challenge the conventional path and sent it to Nitish, urging him to write lyrics. This unexpected collaboration transformed the track into what it is today, showcasing the artists' ability to adapt and grow.

Drawing influences from renowned acts like Nirvana and Pink Floyd's iconic album "Dark Side of the Moon," "Floating" captivates listeners with its mesmerizing soundscapes. Starting with mellow tunes and ethereal melodies, the track gradually builds up, culminating in powerful vocals, distorted guitars, and arpeggios that add depth and intensity. The result is a journey that not only evokes nostalgia but also offers profound insights into one's personal journey in life.

The recording process took place in Chennai, with most of the production and guitar recordings done at home, while the vocals were recorded in a professional studio. The meticulous attention to detail and the artists' commitment to quality shine through in the final product.

The artwork for "Floating" is a visually stunning representation of the track's essence. Created by talented graphic designer Harshil Singh from Bangalore, the artwork perfectly complements the song's themes and emotions. The artwork has been brought to life in the lyric video by Shyam Sundhar.

Despite being early in their music careers, Parishrut and Nitish have already made an impact. Their debut release has been featured on the "Fresh Finds India" playlist on Spotify, gaining recognition and appreciation from listeners.

When asked about their journey so far, Nitish said, "Floating has evolved with us as humans over the course of a year through numerous drafts. It is a journey of life that we have portrayed through this track and coincidentally a journey it has been to the release from the first draft to building, breaking, and improving the track as we go along."

At the ages of 21 and 23 respectively, Parishrut and Nitish have promising futures ahead of them. Their passion for music and willingness to experiment with different sounds will undoubtedly lead to more exciting releases in the near future.

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