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Piya Ki Najariya: An Exploration of Creativity and Life by Rageshree, Tanvir, Raahat, and Sumira

Piya Ki Najariya, a bandish that has stuck with the artists behind the project, is a reflection of their creative journey and understanding of art. The song, which translates to various perspectives such as romanticism, divinity, heartbreak, and life itself, aims to immerse its audience in all the emotions of life individually, without all the stories. The track is an experience of nothing and everything simultaneously, according to the artists.

The creative process can be viewed and executed in millions of different ways, and every artist understands the emptiness that exists before any art form, like poetry, story, or song, is created. This journey to create music led the artists to explore the creative process itself, resulting in Piya Ki Najariya.

The project started as a fusion cover song, but as the artists listened and understood the meaning of the bandish, they felt that it would be lazy to limit it to just another cover on the internet. They stuck with the project for three years to polish different aspects of the idea behind the project, resulting in a beautiful song. However, the main reason it took so much time was that it was all a zero-budget DIY process.

The artists behind Piya Ki Najariya include Rageshree, the soulful singer born and brought up in a musical Amritsari household; Tanvir Sansoy, the multi-talented music producer and mix engineer who combines elements of electronic and acoustic instruments to create a unique sound; Raahat Gupta, the video performer who brings the visuals to life; and Sumira, the video production, poet, and concept director who directed and edited the video.

Rageshree's classical vocals, influenced by Sufi ghazals and Kalaams, add a unique touch to the track. Tanvir, drawing inspiration from various artists like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Deadmau5, experimented with different elements to create a beautiful song. Raahat Gupta's video performance brings the emotions of the song to life, while Sumira's direction and editing bring the creative vision to the screen.

Piya Ki Najariya is an exploration of creativity and life, reflecting the artists' personal stories and experiences. Sumira's love for music and her intention to manifest love in all she creates is evident in the project. Tanvir's story of learning and dedication is reflected in his unique blend of electronic and instrumental arrangements. Rageshree's desire to have her own unique voice and calling in everything she does is evident in her classical vocals.

In conclusion, Piya Ki Najariya is not just a song but an experience of nothing and everything simultaneously. It explores the creative process itself and how it can be viewed and executed in millions of different ways. The track is a testament to the artists' dedication and hard work and a reflection of their personal stories and experiences.

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