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Psyko Suneel | Artist Spotlight

Psyko Suneel or Sunil R.B, call him what you may, is an extremely talented guitarist, video editor and copywriter. Starting to learning music at the early age of 13, he had already released his first original single back in 2011 when he was just 16. Later he ventured into playing keyboards for the band "30 ton capacity" from 2013 till 2015 before getting into his solo career as Psyko Suneel which he claims is his alter ego.

Psyko Suneel released his Single called Cry0genisys 3.0 on the 16th of July 2020 on youtube. This song was inspired by his personal experiences surrounding the after effects of the Virus break out and lockdown. He speaks of his internal war with Anxiety, panic and Insomnia. The lyrics of this song are simple and unpoetic he says "just as if someone scribbled words of what one actually feels right at that point". The music, rhythm guitars and screams evokes the same sense of angst, pain and agony that a lot of us are going through due to the pandemic situation at hand. The song has a nostalgia factor that will get alot of people in the sweet spot as the song is a sort of throwback to Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory and Meteora days.

Check out Cry0genisys 3.0 by Psyko Suneel.

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